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Can I download contacts to a PDF file?

(Topic created: 06-12-2024 07:38 AM)
Galaxy S23

Is there any chance I can download load contacts and save them in a pdf file?

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Galaxy S23

I would suppose that would depend on where they were stored (phone, SIM card, Google contacts, etc.).  I know Google contacts can be exported as a CSV file, which might then be able to be converted to PDF.  I store my contacts only in Google contacts, not because I trust Google so much, but because they are all in one central place, and move from phone to phone since the earliest days of the creation of Google contacts.  I don't know about contacts in other storage locations.  But, if you open the contacts app and go to the settings, there you can manage your contacts and merge, import/export, or move contacts.  If you choose the export feature, you choose where to export them to. I assume you are inquiring because you want to make a backup of your contacts.  In which case, choose one of the management options.