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Not Displaying Photos in Internal Storage

(Topic created: 12-03-2023 03:48 PM)
Galaxy S23
I just swapped upgraded to am S23 FE from the S20 FE using smart switch, however, since day one my gallery app never displayed my photos. I checked and indeed they all did transfer over. They are all stored in DCIM folder of internal storage but the Gallery app won't show them. I can open them individually from the folder viewer using gallery but they won't show up in the app. They do show up in Google Photos app though. I checked and there is no .nomedia file anywhere. Anyone know what could be the issue or also experiencing this?
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Galaxy S23
When using Smart Switch be sure the previous phone also has the Smart Switch app installed on it as well. I found that this was the only way that it would work.
You have to simultaneously pair the Smart Switch app in your new phone with Smart Switch in your old phone.
Be sure to remove phone cases from both phones. I noticed that Smart Switch doesn't work if you have cases on the phones you're pairing.
Once they both pair, you have to tap ACCEPT to grant permission to access the data and files you are trying to transfer to the new phone.
If you only need to transfer photos, you can choose CUSTOM to choose what files you want to transfer, in your case PHOTOS. You can choose EVERYTHING or just certain albums, or even just specific photos by checkboxing just the ones you would like to transfer. It's quite versatile once you really get on to using it.
I've used it quite a few times to transfer photos to another device with my memory card, since the Samsung Galaxy S22 doesn't have a memory card slot in it.