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REQUEST - Lock focus after a certain zoom range

(Topic created: 09-22-2023 03:12 AM)
Galaxy S23


Hi everyone

I have a Galaxy S23 that's struggling to lock focus after 10x zoom (in hard conditions like night or small objects in the frame, i know it's a common issue. I try to capture a far away object object like a plane but it just doesn't focus (hard to discern)

I'd love it for @userGj22vB51qt to make focus lock to max distance or landscape after a certain zoom range (like 10x or more). At least give us the option in the main camera photo mode to set focus to far (like pixel phones have in night sight mode

I know that pro mode let's us easily manage that setting but it doesn't offer full computational processing performance.




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Hey there! 🙂 Could you explain a little more about what you meant by Pro mode not offering "full computational processing performance"? Using Pro Mode or Expert RAW seems to be the answer to this concern.