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Text Messaging not showing up on screen in my car

(Topic created: 06-05-2024 10:39 AM)
Galaxy S23

For months I have beening enjoying wireless text messaging in my new Platinum Rogue.  After last update, I can no longer receive wireless text messages on my display screen/monitor.  Notifications now go to the dash near my speed display, which is too unsafe and closes too fast to read.

Tried all sorts of remedies, nothing works.  Unable to contact Samsung.  Dealer told me to buy a new phone but Samsung may make another update and I will lose the car's text messaging notification  again.

The Android Auto is terrible.  Why should I resort to cables, USB ports when It worked wirelessly for months?

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Galaxy S23
I was led to believe that in the newer cars, AA can be activated and connected via BT. You have to change the AA settings to allow that. That, of course, doesn't solve your immediate problem of the messaging not appearing on your control screen. I'm sorry, I don't have an answer to that.