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Smart Switch not syncing Outlook contacts and Calendar to new phone

(Topic created: 02-18-2024 11:25 AM)
Galaxy S24

I just traded in my S21 on a S24+ a few days ago.  I regularly used Smart Switch to sync the Outlook Contacts and Calendar to my S21.  

I continued this on my new S24+.  However, when I activate Smart Switch now it says that a software update is needed.  The first time I saw this I clicked on update; and I took forever.  Being a little concerned, I exited and checked my Windows PC and my S24+.  Both say that I have the latest version of Smart Switch!

      PC: 4.3.23123_1


I should say that I have been ignoring the update request and syncing without updating.  Nevertheless, ... What is going on and what can I do to fix it?

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