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Unable to install. Please try again later. (Youtube: 102060)

(Topic created: 02-23-2024 12:44 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

I have a brand new smart TV (model un55cu8000f). I got it connected to our public wireless network about 2-3 days ago and was able to push the latest firmware update. I created a Samsung account at that time so that I could download streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix, etc. Whenever I go to download/install anything, I get: Unable to install. Please try again later. ([App Name]: 102060)

I tried again yesterday and it's giving me the same error. I tried pressing and holding the remote until the TV restarts but I get the same error. I tried running Device Care to clear the cache but nothing changed when I tried to install the app again. I tried resetting the Smart Hub but got the same error. The weirdest thing to me (besides not finding any forums for this exact error code) is that the internet browser required installation as well which resulted in the aforementioned error. I don't believe it to be an internet issue because our network admin showed me the measured data being transferred over the internet to the tv. 

What does error  102060 mean and how can I resolve it?

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