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picture going dark periodically

(Topic created: 12-07-2021 04:02 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

Bought a 58" TU7000 Crystal UHD 4k Smart TV in July.  It's been perfect this whole time.  All of a sudden on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (as i had a living room full of teenagers)--the screen just suddenly went really dim.  To the point where you can hardly see the image.  Then after several minutes--it goes back to the normal bright picture.  It has been doing this constantly now since that day.  I've checked the software and made sure it is up to date.  We checked all the cables and connections.  I've turned off the auto dimming setting.  And I've unplugged everything and plugged back in to reset the TV.  We even rebooted our satellite connection and internet.  But it still randomly goes dark for a few minutes and then back to normal.  I've done some research online and all i'm finding is info about the auto dimming setting which we have turned on and off-- but it isn't making any difference.  Also when it is very dim--the screen flickers.  But it doesn't flicker when the picture goes back to normal.  It's so irritating when you are watching TV.  Thankfully you can pause even live TV these days.  Anyone out there ever heard of this happening?  Or how we can fix it without returning a giant TV?  

side note:  I did get this TV at Walmart--maybe that's the problem

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