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Two ways to reach TV 'Source' work differently

(Topic created: 04-14-2024 03:37 PM)

It took me a day to understand that the 'Source' button on the remote control works differently than the 'Source' function from the Home screen of my new TU690T. Is this what others see?

Both methods show there are 6 Sources to choose. The physical button on the remote only cycles through the 3 "hardware" (wired) connections, which are Live TV (antenna), HDMI 1, and HDMI 2. 

The 'Source' funtion from Home, on the other hand, lets me cycle through and select not just those physical connections, but also the virtual 'Sources' (that the Remote Control Source button will not access) of Remote Access, Connection Guide, and Universal Remote.

This was important to ascertain because I was trying to reach the screen mirroring function for my cellphone image to display on the TV. That function appeared in the Connection Guide, so the Home Screen 'Source' function was critical. 

The steps to find this second 'Source' function using the remote were to press the Home key then the left arrow until 'Source' was highlighted.

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