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970 Pro physical info

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Considering Samsung 970 Pro 1 TB MZ-V7P1T0BW M.2 NVMe device...

Storage flash memory chips, controller chip and cache/DRAM chip are marked in the attached image.
What is the purpose of encircled chip with question mark?
I suppose something to do with regulating power and/or protecting other components from some feral electricty, but I can be way wrong.

Image is courtesy of TweakTown web site.


Does anybody have info about:
The distance/thickness/height of each chip measured from bottom of PCB (including the bottom sticker) to chip's top (including the top label/sticker)?
a- Controller
b- Flash chips
d- Unknown component

Image is courtesy of Electronics&Computers.

Last question:
Considering I'm not going to use Data Migration software, for MS Windows 10 Pro x64, do I need Samsung NVMe Driver for anything?

860 Pro 4 TB
870 Evo 250 GB
970 Pro 1 TB
PM893 7.68 TB
Story Station Plus 1.5 TB
Story Station Plus 2 TB
Story Station 3.0 2 TB
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