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Samsung Evo Select 256gb micro SD won't work in Galaxy S9+ or allow format (write protected)

(Topic created: 12-07-2022 09:02 AM)
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I bought a 256 gb Samsung Evo Select MicroSDXC in March '21, and used it in my Galaxy S9+ until August '22 when it was a couple gb away from being full. I popped it in my laptop, transferred all the pics and videos to an external ssd, and tried to delete the pics/vids from the Evo but it wouldn't let me, saying it was write protected. I then tried to format on the PC with the same write protection error message. Then I ejected it from PC and put it back in the phone, and the phone won't recognize the card for use although it gives the option to format it but only spends a couple of seconds saying it's formatting but nothing happens.

I've followed online instructions for removing write protection with command prompt and disk utility but didn't make any difference. I can still access the files on a PC, open them, transfer them etc, but I can't delete anything or format it due to the write protection I can't remove. Any ideas? Am I posting in the right place?


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