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Unable to change sim number

(Topic created: 02-06-2024 03:50 AM)
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HELP....I have just changed provider and was given a new sim which was then ported across to my original number, but my phone when sending texts shows as the temporary number, i have have looked on many forums and they all indicate that you should use a friends iPhone and alter the sim number to your original number as preferred. Surely Samsung can allow the same function to be provided on the galaxy A53 phone as well as the other ranges. tried to request support on my account but waste of time, only chatbot...were you go around in circles!!.

Come on Samsung try to focus on support as well as sales...if not will definitely review next purchase. 

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Samsung has e-sim cards so you dont need a physical one. Sim cards don't matter either when switching networks or even changing phones. If you literally just ported it, give it a sec, but you can call your provider and let them know.. They'd be able to rectify the issue for you. It has nothing to do with Samsung itself.

I'm not sure what forums you've read but it doesn't sound correct imo. IOS and Samsung are competitors, they don't even make pics/vid compatible, and it would be a huge security issue anyway if iOS could just change the sim/phone number.
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Ports take a bit to switch over, give it time