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Disable Bluetooth Option Please

(Topic created: 03-24-2024 12:33 PM)
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QLED and The Frame TVs
Samsung, please include an update that allows us to have the option to disable Bluetooth like we're able to do with Wi-Fi. 

Under network, we're allowed to "enable or disable Wi-Fi. Turn on this option to use features that require a Wi-Fi connection."

Just create a Bluetooth dropdown that gives us the freedom to disable it if we don't want to use it. Our TVs are nothing more than huge laptops/pads; and yet, we cannot disable Bluetooth like we can with those other items. And unlike those others items, we also scan not install security apps even though we can go on the internet. 

It's so annoying to get constant pop-ups all day long from outside neighbors trying to connect to your TV. ANNOYING. My Neighbor constantly renames his devices the same as the weird names I have come up with in order to get me to approve. I fell for it at first, so for this very reason I now no longer connect my devices.

Our community held a new scams info briefing. Bluetooth is a major one. Apparently, skilled hackers can hack through your Bluetooth without you approving the request.

Come on! Just let us disable it if we don't want to use it!!!!!!!

FBI warns Bluetooth devices are also at risk of cyber-attacks

The FBI also suggests turning off Bluetooth on your devices whenever you're not using them to keep them from being compromised.

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QLED and The Frame TVs
After update losing Bluetooth connection
QLED and The Frame TVs
😂 Did I read that right? Why can't you disable it.? It's pretty straight forward. On or off.