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Where can I find firmware release notes?

(Topic created: 04-18-2024 10:05 PM)
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I recently saw the 1420.0 firmware update for my QN75Q60RAFXZA television. Where can consumers find release notes or a changelog for firmware updates?

I read on an EU Samsung forum that firmware updates are being released without release notes. Hopefully this isn't true. 

There are no details if a user chooses to update from the TV interface, nor was there any information in the firmware zip file.

It's already frustrating enough that my TV auto-installs certain apps like SlingTV and Tubi and doesn't allow me to delete them. They just eat up valuable megabytes of space that I can't get back. Just a few months ago the TikTok app was randomly auto-installed and now it can't be removed either.

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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QLED and The Frame TVs
So far, I haven't seen any release notes ever provided, but I'll look around

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QLED and The Frame TVs

I have three or four Samsung TVs and have seen release notes issued only a couple of times. I strongly suspect that most of the updates are for tweaking "relationships" with app providers that most likely provide some "revenue per set" from the providers to Samsung.

I'm just guessing of course; they likely do also sneak-in a useability improvement/bug fix/security update once in a while.