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Broadcast/OTA Channel information missing in Channel Guide

(Topic created: 03-20-2023 08:55 AM)
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My S95B channel guide does not show OTA channel programming...get "No Information" displayed.  When I go to Channel Guide, the current channel I'm watching goes out for about 5 seconds before coming back in the guide; most of the other channels still show "No Information".  The guide only updates OTA channel information if I go through all OTA channels every time I turn the TV on.  

I've performed a factory reset but the guide issue still persists.  My Q80A does not have this issue and receives more OTA channels than the S95B (tested both TVs with the same coax cable and in the same room).  Seems as though the broadcast/OTA channel receiver is weaker in the S95B.  

Has anyone else experienced this issue with the Channel Guide for OTA?  Any fix?

Update 22 April: Technician came out to troubleshoot.  The technician contacted Samsung Tech Support and they said that this was 'normal'...don't' see how this is normal now when my Q80A doesn't have this issue.  Now the S95B loses the Samsung TV channel I'm currently watching when I get to the OTA channels in the Channel Guide (see photos), even when the Guide already has channel information.  The OTA signals are >90 percent and my internet signal is strong (can stream movies on 2 TVs, tablet and play games on 2 phones without any buffering).  I would venture to say that this is a software issue.  I like Samsung products but it's so frustrating that I'm thinking of going with another brand of TV. 


Update 18 May: The remote is becoming unresponsive more often even though it is 100% charged; tried using the 'internet' app...it froze when searching on Google.  After 3 minutes of being frozen, I was finally able to change apps.  This is ridiculous! I feel that all of these issues are not normal, no matter what Samsung tech help says.  If this is the new normal, I do not want another Samsung TV.  


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