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Dead pixels and Samsung TVs

(Topic created: 10-28-2021 05:17 PM)
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Hi all,

I'm looking for some insight from the Samsung community to find out if my experiences with Samsung TVs are normal, or if I'm just very unlucky.

Back in April I got the 55" Q80T 4k tv from Samsung online. After a couple of months I noticed a bunch of dead pixels. They weren't terribly noticeable, but I did notice that more were appearing. I had a Samsung tech come out twice with new panels and both panels also had dead pixels. In the end I returned the tv to samsung.

Since they didn't have the Q80T anymore I ordered the QN90a 55" and the second I turned it on... Dead pixels. Worse than the first one! I also had a tech come out and the new panel had some major dead pixels.

I returned this one since it was within the return deadline but I'm left wondering.. is this indicative of Samsung quality? Or am I just incredibly unlucky?



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QLED and The Frame
Don't buy TVs from Samsung direct go to Lake Costco or even Walmart Samsung direct will ship it to you and FedEx or UPS will bring it around a bunch even with all the styrofoam you'll still end up with dead pixels most likely and that's if you're lucky