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HDMI switching issues

(Topic created: 07-02-2022 03:28 PM)
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I have a Samsung Q90T  QLED connected to a Marantz SR7015. The HDMI cable is connected to HDMI 3 (eARC) on the tv to the AVR Monitor 1 (ARC eARC) and the cable box is connected via HDMI 1 CBL/SAT.


The problem I have is most of the time it doesn’t connect to the CBL/SAT to watch tv. A lot of the time it connects to either the DVD connection which is (assigned) to Fire TV (which we hardly ever use) or to the Media player which is hooked up to Nvidia shield which we use a lot.


We use the cable boxes remote to turn the AVR and the tv on and off and control the volume on the AVR.


All that we have to do watch tv is press the Cable/Sat button on the Marantz remote and it switches to cable. That has been the work around but I would prefer to resolve the issue.


Any thoughts on what is causing this problem?

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QLED and The Frame
If your receiver has an option to switch to TV audio when it detects an input signal from the TV you can plug the cable input into the TV instead of the receiver. This will allow single remote operation.