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Issue with HDMI switching on it's own with my Samsung Q60A TV and Q600A Soundbar

(Topic created: 09-29-2023 05:03 PM)
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I have a Samsung 43" Q60A TV and a Samsung Q600A soundbar. I just bought an Apple TV 4k and ran into a weird issue where the TV wouldn't identify if, until I disconnected the soundbar from the TV, so I figured that for some reason the soundbar was stopping it from identifying it, or switching inputs while it was connecting or something.

Now I've noticed when I power on the Apple TV, it goes to the correct HDMI for the Apple TV, but then the soundbar says TV ARC and it switches to the HDMI input that the soundbar is on with a no input screen (which there wouldn't be because I don't have anything connected to the soundbar HDMI port), anyone else run into that issue and figure out how to solve it, or is it just a known issue with no fix?

I've never had it do this before so I'm not sure why It's doing it now, and the firmware for everything is up to date.

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