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Problem with 1401 firmware on 2019 Q900R TV

(Topic created: 03-04-2023 03:09 PM)
QLED and The Frame

I've tried to contact Samsung about issues with FW1401 with no help. Ever since this update it randomly reboots a few minutes after turning it on about once every 4 or 5 times the tv is turned on. It's weird, because the screen will go black, then it displays either no signal detected or remote has lost it's pairing before the screen goes blank then reboots. The power light then flashes 5 times, pauses, then flashes 5 times again and then the tv turns back on and it's fine after that for as long as I leave it on for. Then it may turn on fine the next 4 or 5 times before doing it again.

I looked up the error code for the light by the power button flashing 5 times and it says it does that when there is a problem with the motherboard, power supply or an LED is burnt out in the array behind the screen. I definitely don't have an LED out, if it was a power supply issue the tv wouldn't turn on at all let alone stay on for as long as I leave it on for when I watch it, which leaves motherboard. All the functions on the tv work fine although the eARC is glitchy so if it is the motherboard, I'll know if it still does this reboot thing after the next update. But for now I'm pretty convinced that 1401 is a defective firmware that is causing all the reboot issues.

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