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Q80R will not play 4k videos on Youtube app

(Topic created: 03-25-2023 03:57 PM)
QLED and The Frame

I've about had it with this tv. I got it in Feb. 2020 and it's never had an issue playing 4k Youtube videos until Dec. 2022. All of the sudden it started constantly buffering, resetting down to the next lowest quality, default opening to the next lowest quality setting. Just being a constant pain in the neck. But since Youtube is a preinstalled app you can simply delete it and reinstall to reset it.

I tried going through Samsung online support and that person kept wanting to blame my home internet for the problem and not the tv. It took me forever to get them to understand that I also have another newer Samsung tv in the bedroom that has no problem playing full 4k Youtube videos and I can play Netflix 4k on the Q80R with no problems.

They finally agreed to do a factory reset on the tv and that fixed the problem. Except that it wasn't a permanent fix. Here we are some 6 weeks or so later and it's doing the same exact thing again. There has to be some sort of software problem with that Youtube app or something in the tv that's making it do it. 

I need help trying to get this figured out because it is making me crazy. 

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