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S95BA HDMI Connections

(Topic created: 03-27-2023 04:55 AM)
QLED and The Frame

Hi, I have a Samsung S95BA 55 and also a Samsung HW Q600B Sounder with SWA 9100S rear speakers, I also have an Amazon Cube v3 and run a Sky Q system, If I connect my Sky box via 10k HDMI cable to my Cube and my Cube to the HDMI in ( again 10k Cable) of the Soundbar then HDMI out of soundbar to HDMI 3 (eArc) of my TV the screen flashes Black continually, the cube has HDMI pass thru as does the Soundbar.
I find that I have to separate them from the Cube and use different HDMI Port for it, I was wondering if I am connecting the Sky box correctly by connecting it through the soundbar to the eArc in.
Can someone please advise me on the correct connection method please.

PS I also have a 4K Apple TV which if I connect to any other HDMI Port totally messes it up.

I have the latest software / Firmware on everything



















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