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Samsung 2022 Frame switches from art to Fios screen saver

(Topic created: 10-02-2023 06:10 AM)
QLED and The Frame

My 65” 2022 Frame TV worked perfectly for months. Suddenly a few months ago, when the art mode would come on, it only stays on for a few minutes. It then goes to the Verizon Fios screen saver and that stays on indefinitely. If I want art mode back on, I have to turn the tv/cable box on then off…. But again, it only goes into art more for a short time then it switches back to the Fios screen saver. Previously when the TV was off, the sensor would sense when someone walked into the room and put it in Art mode… it would then stay in Art mode until a certain amount of time after the last time it sensed someone in the room. I’m trying to get back to that. 

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