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Found a scammer claiming to be part of Samsung.

(Topic created: 06-12-2024 02:21 PM)
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I got a random Friend request from a preson called Davis Jr. @ Davis.jr486851 on Facebook. He claims I had won a sweepstakes up to $17,000. They had randomized and found my profile stating that I had won. They wanted to have my information that normal scammers ask for. I had questioned what he had said he would give me, And he had found out I live in california through my profile. The stuff I had given him where stuff. You wouldn't get from my profile. I didn't give my bank Info or where I live. On this page, it shows the samsung label, but it also says promos. I wanted to report it, but i'm afraid he'll just make another page. Should I report it for you? People and myself, or is it? It's just something that would just come up again and again and again, for another profile, be made. I wanted to work with somebody to stop it before another victim comes along

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There's nothing that can be done here since this is a user to user support forum. You would need to report it to Facebook. Since that's where you got the messages.

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