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Recommendation: Please raise/remove software volume limit

(Topic created: 04-22-2024 04:13 AM)
Samsung Apps and Services

Currently maxes out software-wise at 150. For anyone with headphones that are much less sensitive/use more power, it's simply not loud enough for normal listening unless you use pricier 3rd party dongles with software or physical volume controls.

"Volume booster" eq apps just apply excessive gain and very easily just clips sound. Probably just speaking into the void with this. Even just lock it behind developer options or something, like how disabling Bluetooth volume limit already exists. I don't want to root/use custom firmware or use singular apps that use their own usb audio driver to bypass the built in volume limit (alongside other potential playback issues) since it only works for that single app, aka not other media apps like YouTube (which also reduces its own volume for some reason), Netflix, or internet browsers. Don't link to irrelevant volume limit warning faq for hearing damage, it can't physically get loud enough to do so anyways. On normal computers dongles certainly can as they aren't artifically volume limited.
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