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Samsung Dex - Missing Hardware/Software Features

(Topic created: 07-13-2022 11:05 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Samsung Apps and Services

The only pieces keeping most content creators from going full Samsung S series products are:

1 - Pro Audio & Video Editing - Lumafusion is taking care of the video editing
2 - Plugins for Audio and Video Editing software
 - For audio it's the ability to do multi track recording and mixing - crossfade audio clips, noise removal, de esser, parametric eq, audio ducking, compression, delay, reverb, limiters and audio metering in RMS.
 - For video its the ability to upload LUTs, audio ducking, lower thirds, cross fade video clips, multi track timelines and an audio mixer, transition effects and Automatic Caption generation
3 - Samsung could add to the screen recorder effects - the ability to record only incoming video stream to local disk for apps like Zoom, Meet, Skype. This would help many content creators, especially in education.
4 - Samsung could also help add drivers and a driver control panel for external webcameras just like the driver for external microphones via the USB port. 90% of content creators use an external camera to beef up their content quality and the same goes for their audio input like a USB mic.
If all you did was prioritize number 4 most content creators can figure out the rest but Number 4 is the key to unlocking full adaption of the S series products by educators and content creators which is a huge revenue market.
You've done amazing work with Dex Mode and now theses are the only missing pieces for most content creators and tablet on the market in general...all of which are a software fix/update away.
With a software update like this - everyone will flock to invest in a more capable device for the ram - screen size etc.



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