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Samsung ecosystem has been good to me!

(Topic created: 05-18-2024 06:14 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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Okay okay

So I will personally say, the Samsung ecosystem has been so good to me. 
I first had the note 9 , my first non Apple phone. I fell in LOVE. (It lasted me 5 whole years, no cracks no battery replacements, no water damage!) 
Time goes by, and well, we decide to get the washer and dryer. 
Those two appliances dont really connect with my phone (turnnwasher on, select setting, etc)(turn on dryer), though the diagnostics on the washer (very convenient) and the wifi on the dryer (i can add more time from my bixby!) Worked nicely. 
Then came the Samsung tv (let's gooo, Black Friday!) , and wowowowowow. Having me sign in to my samsung account there and keeping settings and even being able to turn it on and off with my bixby?! Yes godsssss!!
So we decided to get buds and watches. 
ABSOLUTELY changed our lives. Those watches helped me lose 100lbs in the last year and a half, helped ease my worries about forgetting wallet st home (i love paying in drive thrus and not touching a single thing until my food!!). The buds are very sleek, and i love the seemeless switch (oh and they connect with the samsung TV too, no wires , !!) 
And then, I went back to school after 15 years. I decided to upgrade my phone to an S23 FE, and alsl get a Book 3 360, and a Tab A8, and go 100% digital, and wowowow. Using Samsung notes seemelessly in classes and for studying , has been insane !! The S Pen pro for the laptop has been very good, and as professional feeling as the old s pens in the notes. 
The fact that i can multi control and even quick share and cast between all my screens is beyond!!
And just last month we caved and bought the basic soundbar with a subwoofer. 10/10 the bass is AMAZING. 
While there are things Id love to see (samsung internet on the books, PLZ)(samsung CALANDER on the books, plz) (samsung EMAIL on the books plz), there are usually no qualms about any of my Samsung items. 
I didnt get the samsung care + on any of these things though, which I wish could be added after 60 days of purchase, but whatever. Ill gladly treat my things with care (thank gods i dont have kids! They ruin EVERYTHING) , and caution, and hopefully get the best and longest life out of them. 
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