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[OFFICIAL] [KNOWN ISSUES] Software Version ZUID - Updated 9/20.

(Topic created: 09-15-2021 06:03 PM)
Beta Moderator

Hello Participants,

Please find below list of issues our development team is aware of and are working on a resolution. DO NOT REPORT these issues as an Error Report. This helps us avoid duplicates and resolve issues faster.

This Post will be updated on a regular basis . Thank you for your cooperation and Understanding. 

  • Home screen transition effect got stuck when swiping from app drawer to home
  • Navigation/Home gesture is not working after 10 minutes of use. Fixed by doing a restart
  • All of app notifications were disabled after S OS update
  • Phone is sluggish when switching between apps with Adaptive mode for 120hz (multiple users)
  • Home screen wallpaper showing blurry background
  • Haptics are too weak even on the highest vibration setting
  • Secure Folder does not open when attempting to launch
  • Animations are stuttering
  • Samsung health app keep showing ''updating'' on notification panel
  • Samsung Keyboard does not work on any other apps
  • Samsung Health crashing regularly after FOTA update to ZUID
  • Phone is sluggish when switching between apps with Adaptive mode for 120hz (multiple users)
  • Google Pay does not work
  • Unable to sign in to the Shop Samsung app
  • GBoard is constantly freezing & crashing
  • Facebook opens and crashes immediately
  • YouTube freezes in PIP mode
  • Gear S plugin keeps crashing
  • unable to change or delay in changing media volume
  • watch 4 and bud pro gets disconnected and re-connects automatically
  • Display zoom just zoomed all the way out by itself
  • unable to control volume using keys when using Netflix on Chromecast
  • Super fast changing is charging very slow
  • Settings ANR when going to privacy menu


One UI Beta Team

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