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Monitor coil whine fix!!!!

(Topic created: 06-27-2022 04:18 PM)
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Just trying to post a random solution out there for those one day googling who may need it.


Monitor 34" S65UA

Today this monitor was moved closer to where I am sitting and its high-pitched (probably coil) whining/squealing was rather audible.

It was originally just powered through a power strip (nothing special there). And connected to my desktop GPU via DP. However, I noticed that miraculously, after I connected the monitor to my computer (with USB-A to USB-C, but USB-C to USB-C probably works), the whine stopped.


Probably something about... closing the ground loop happened. Maybe something like off voltages. Maybe the USB simply allowed the excess something to flow out via a ground. I don't know. But whatever it is, hopefully others will find this solution useful!!!!!!

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This is a good catch, and yes, may help someone in the future, so thank you for posting!

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