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Posted by      in  Galaxy Watch

Google has released their update to Google Maps which allows for stand alone operation on LTE watches.  While I haven't actually used it for... View Post

Community Manager    

Thank you for the update @bill-e. We greatly appreciate you updates and input. We look forward to ma... View Post

Posted by Community Manager      in  Smart Home Support

Hi Samsung Community Members -  As we previously announced on March 1st, SmartThings is ending support of its legacy hardware – ADT SmartThings Home... View Post


Why are you no longer supporting your own Samsung SmartThings components? I was wanting to make my h... View Post

Posted by      in  Samsung Apps and Services

If you are a big fan of latest Samsung Galaxy devices and looking for upgrading all data from the older device to the new, this is a must read note... View Post


Smart Switch doesn't "add" other devices to your account.  What it does is let you transfer the info... View Post

Posted by      in  Tablets

I have a Galaxy tab A 8.4 2020. I put sim card in it. I can send & receive text, I can use my data for web searching. But cannot make a phone call... View Post


In the US tabs only get data and text stand alone and need a phone account for calls. Since this use... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

Have had the s23;ultra for a few months now absolutely love it it's quick the camera is great storage space is awesome 👍 View Post