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Posted by      in  Galaxy Watch

Google has released their update to Google Maps which allows for stand alone operation on LTE watches.  While I haven't actually used it for... View Post

Community Manager    

Thank you for the update @bill-e. We greatly appreciate you updates and input. We look forward to ma... View Post

Posted by Community Manager      in  Smart Home Support

Hi Samsung Community Members -  As we previously announced on March 1st, SmartThings is ending support of its legacy hardware – ADT SmartThings Home... View Post


Why are you no longer supporting your own Samsung SmartThings components? I was wanting to make my h... View Post

Posted by      in  Samsung Apps and Services

If you are a big fan of latest Samsung Galaxy devices and looking for upgrading all data from the older device to the new, this is a must read note... View Post


Smart Switch doesn't "add" other devices to your account.  What it does is let you transfer the info... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

I've been having issues clicking on something in my Google news feed everything else works fine its just my Google news feed that I can't... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S21

When my phone has a system update it updates my calendar and removes all of my events. I looked in the trash tab and there's nothing there. I need... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

My phone updated this morning saying UI updating. When it finished and restarted I can not search anything in Google Chrome. It doesn't work,... View Post