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Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

The last update on my Galaxy S22 changed the color of the clock on my phone for some reason, but when I went to fix it I found the edit lock screen... View Post


Have you restarted your phone?Also, you can hold down on your lockscreen, and it should prompt you t... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

Old guy, so phone has downloaded some anthill game, most games it downloads, l just tap and uninstall. This says l have played it and has no... View Post


If you open the Game Launcher and click the 4 squares in the bottom right is the anthill game in the... View Post

Posted by      in  Fold & Flip Phones

Has there been any info on the flip 6 yet? Is it just going to be camera and resolution upgrades? I am trying to plan out if I need to set money aside... View Post


Thanks! I just want compatibility with s pen, not a pen in the phone. I can carry a pen in my pocket... View Post