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Posted by      in  Galaxy Watch

So I received the Watch ultra yesterday evening. After charging and trying to connect lte to it after a few fails I got in touch with verizon and they... View Post

Posted by      in  Fold & Flip Phones

My phone only opens halfway for the Zfold 4. Is this normal i thought these phoned open flat. Its been this way for awhile. I've always kept a... View Post


Here is a link that samsung provides. It will lead to approved stores around your area that can help... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S24

Out doors the brightness it dosent go it's full potential. Its dosent go on max brightness and it'd goes dim even when i press the extra... View Post


Ahh okay I am doing one also hopefully it gets fix 🤦‍:male_sign:🙏🙏 thank you!!! View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy Watch

Just got the Watch 7 Ultra. While using my trio wirless charging pad, it didn't seem to sit right and it got a little hot. Should I not continue... View Post


Yea samsung isn't very fond of keeping the same charger. If you could please mark my post as answer ... View Post