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Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

Hello!In OneUI 5 Samsung build a nice feature in photo and video editor (in Gallery): Draw perfect shapes on photos and videos"...easily draw... View Post


You already can do it draw your shape not removing your finger or S-Pen from the screen once your do... View Post

Posted by      in  LED and OLED TVs

My Samsung UN43TU690T has a black screen, but the sound works. I have tried troubleshooting by unplugging it for a while and then plugging it back in,... View Post


Thank you for your reply? Is this something I would be able to test, or look in certain spot to see ... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S24

My phone keep showing me this and after July update it's been more repeated, also I feel like there's more lags any recommendations?  View Post


I'm got a system update yesterday. Today my samsung account was reset and all of my cards were delet... View Post

Posted by      in  Fold & Flip Phones

The border on the inside screen is coming off and I want to know if this is cover under warranty it on the fold5 I got this phone Oct 2023 I always... View Post


My wife had a similar issue on her flip 4 and took it to the Samsung Store- they said it was the scr... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

Well I downloaded Google messages to try it out and see how it is and like I already knew it deeply sucks, I can only send messages but I can't... View Post


I had to download it off the store. Google message came with both the Fold and the Flip. It didn't e... View Post