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Posted by      in  Galaxy Watch

Samsung should have the option to display last known battery level in the case while using the buds so you don't have to put the buds in the case... View Post


That is a great idea, Please take a moment and send your Feedback to Samsung ,Every idea that we mak... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

My samsung fall on the ground on like 1m high Is it bad or its normal it won't affected the battery or the cpu etc? thanks.  View Post


I actually don't use a screen protector, I know that I should but I just have had great experiences ... View Post

Posted by      in  Tablets

Would like an iPad mini sized Samsung Galaxy Tablet w S-Pen. Smaller than 10 inch. A more squarish rectangle. Little bigger than the zFold. Good edge... View Post


The S6 lite is Smaller than its looks, and is very similar to the iPad mini View Post