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Posted by      in  A Series & Other Mobile

My aunt gifted me this phone when my uncle passed I have saved everything she wanted from phone. I am previous samsung owner. My old phone damage... View Post


@Dimebag First... store everything that you added to the phone somewhere. Then you should factory re... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S Phones

This came up on my phone yesterday and it took me almost 10 minutes to do a hard restart. Do I need to do a factory reset? What the **bleep** is this?... View Post


Hey there, I hope you're doing well.This is nothing to worry about unless your device will not boot ... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy Watch

Why hasn't Samsung consider a fix for inaccurate step count while driving or riding in motor vehicle by using a rate of speed limit. If a person... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

Ever since my most recent update I am unable to see GIFs that others send me in my Samsung Messages app. I tried switching to a different messaging... View Post


Happening here, too. I have a galaxy s23 fe. I'm using Google messages and like you, switched to the... View Post