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Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

How do i get rid of it cause it is turned off but it keeps popping up and not allowing me to access my documents. It should be my choice whether I... View Post


The documents are most likely stored in a secure app that requires a pin to protect your privacy so ... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy Watch

Anyone know when a update is coming for the beta my messages is not working since I downloaded the beta for galaxy 6 everything else is working great... View Post


@ericpayton You should post questions about the Beta in the dedicated Beta discussion area. You can ... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra screen has stop working, I can't access my phone or use it for anything.I could see calls coming but can't answer.I... View Post


Has your phone screen been replaced by a non OEM part?Do you have an Spen for your S21 Ultra? View Post