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Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

How do I stop when I'm texting so it doesn't tell me every letter im typing ? Is there a way to turn this off? View Post


what do you mean it tells you which letter like out loud. If its reading each letter out loudtap the... View Post

Posted by      in  Fold & Flip Phones

Is there a recall for the screen of the Galaxy Flip 5? I've heard from a spectrum store to check to see if my phone is on the recall list but I... View Post


I've not heard of any recalls on any of Samsung's Phones  View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy Note Phones

Is there any reason to why my Note 20 5G is draining its battery a lot ONLY at night? I charge my phone to 85% at the start of my workday(7-5) and the... View Post


Night is when the phone usually backs up, since it's not in use. Most people put their phones on the... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

The Samsung messaging have typing indicator if so where is it at in the settings View Post


Sorry but no Samsung messages doesn't have typing indicators you would need to switch to Google Mess... View Post

Posted by      in  Tablets

I was wondering if the galaxy tab A8 will get One UI 6.1 does anyone know if it will? View Post


I am not sure, but the tab a7 lite is said to get it on the Android Authority website, So I would th... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S24

I was sitting in a conference when suddenly everyone started receiving severe weather alerts on their phones. My phone got nothing. I checked my... View Post


As I said, all settings are allowed and not silenced. As a matter of fact, the Emergency Alert Histo... View Post