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Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

"Action icons," which used to let us "call numbers, send emails, solve equations, and go to websites straight from icons that appear with... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

I have a galaxy s23 and my ex hacked it somehow with family link on his iPhone and he is now the amin of my phone and I can't get him off.  I have... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

My watch4 connects to the phone for calls only now. Itvjo longer allows messaging. Notifications are on, but nothing. This happened within the last... View Post

Posted by      in  A Series & Other Mobile

Hello my question is on the galaxy tab a. I'm trying to set it up for my dad and some of the settings are strange to me. In settings, apps ,... View Post


For the most part, it should be fine with those apps having WiFi control. I just realized that I had... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S24

I have a HUGE problem!!!! I've lost my S pen & I am the polar opposite of tech I have no idea how to find it!!! I tried the find my... View Post


You can just buy a new s pen sorry you lost your buds pro 2 View Post