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Posted by      in  Galaxy S24

I've made a previous post about this, and decided to make another with updated info.My brand new Samsung Galaxy S24+ currently has issues with... View Post

Posted by      in  QLED and The Frame TVs

Hey there My Dad has a samsung tv and unfortunately it keeps defaulting to fox news because my grandparents use it he wants to know how do you block... View Post


Here's how to block a channel:Press the Home button on your remote control and then head to Settings... View Post

Posted by      in  Samsung Apps and Services

Does anyone know how to use the Samsung Health app on a cruise ship? 1) It doesn't start as it is to high 2) Ship is going to fast.Yah, I know,... View Post


What do you mean? I cruise all the time, never had a problem with the app. I have the watch and ther... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

When I put the mobile phone to my ear to hear a voice recording received from WhatsApp, the voice starts with the sound of the internal speaker for a... View Post