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Posted by      in  Galaxy S21

I used to be able to adjust brightness of the aod by double tapping it and it would bring up a settings menu where I could make it brighter. That no... View Post

Posted by      in  A Series & Other Mobile

I've notice 50% of the time. When I ask Google a question - I don't here anything. Because AI feature has took over. Is there a way to disable... View Post

Posted by      in  Samsung Apps and Services

My menstrual cycle predictions on the Health app don't let me edit my cycles properly. I've tried changing the date but it added one day put a... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S24

After update. The phone doesn't charge vat super charge 2.0 speed in a hour.Does anyone else experience this? View Post


I think that it has to do with the update for all galaxy's because my 14 is not supercharging anymor... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S21

With the new update ? Voice to text is missing or is there a way to activate? It's a must for responding to text when driving. Thanks for any help View Post


I work all night can't get wifi in building so what your saying is impossible the only thing I've sh... View Post