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Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

Was hey Google always Google Assistant? I don't want the assistant constantly listening as voice access seems to be. I have tried multiple times... View Post


Bixby is like having Alexa it's always listening. I don't know if Hey Google is doing the same View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

It seems Samsung decided that events must be music art etc instead of one's appointments.I found The calendar used to remind me of events but now... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S23

Some days I have many appointments. One must need to scroll down each day! But that could be forgotten and appointments missed! Maybe Samsung can PUT... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S24

I bought an S24 ultra, used it for a few days and just didn't like it. It's bulky, and weirdly heavier than anything else. Honestly felt like... View Post


Can't really use that advice now.. Also, having shipped $1,000+ devices in the past, never occurred ... View Post


Posted by      in  Galaxy S24

I don't like how the mic is on top of the phone so people around me can hear what the person is saying. I like to hear in my ear personally, not... View Post


you have 2 speakers on your phone. one at the top and one at the bottom. if you're on a call and usi... View Post

Posted by      in  Gamer

Hi I moved my app to sd card but it is still occupying space in internal storage and the app I moved to sd card is still there in the internal storage... View Post


You cannot run apps off the SD card. Even if you could, the app's data would always be in a folder o... View Post