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Why doesn't Samsung have their own mail service, it'd be perfect for Samsung phones, no? Google as the primary mail and Samsung as the... View Post

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Hi, I have a Galaxy Tab s6 lite 2020 and it came with a non bluetooth s pen but i lost it. If I get a bluetooth s pen, can it be charged with the... View Post


I don't think any of the Lites have the ability to use the Bluetooth features of the spens View Post


Posted by      in  Galaxy S22

1. Why is the AOD so DIM now?2.Where did the options for changing the clock go?3. How do you contact Samsung Support to suggest they fix this? (There... View Post


They moved the automatic brightness controls and slider into goodlock lockstar, which is where you c... View Post

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I just update my S22 Ultra to the latest Security update last night, now cell service is spotty. I haven't had an issue with cell service until... View Post


Been having the same issue since my 6.1 update on Wednesday. Been to tmobile 4x. 2 sim card replacem... View Post