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Camera Features

(Topic created: 10-04-2021 11:53 AM)
Please enable Motion Photos and Filters at 64MP resolution.

Please add a "Photo Processing Profiles" feature that lets the user replicate the photography aesthetics from iPhone, Pixel, and other Samsung competitors.

Bring back Sharpness in the photo editor.

Add a Vibrance slider to the photo editor.

Add 0.5x zoom to 64MP resolution mode. This can be accomplished by using the telephoto lens to capture a texture map and then AI can apply that texture and light balance to the photo captured by the ultrawide lens.

Add 64MP resolution to Night Mode if possible. This can also be a place where AI helps.

Combine Slow-Mo and Super Slow-Mo into a single mode. Add settings to just let the user toggle FPS and resolution in the single unified Slow-Mo mode.

Remove the time limit on 240fps video.
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Cosmic Ray
Motion photos 64 MP - yes!
Processing profiles - yes!
Sharpness slider - yes!
64 MP night mode - yes!
Slow mo changes are needed!

240fps limit video is necessary imo
0.5 zoom on 64MP - mmmm not possible with ai. The detail is only in the center third of frame.

Honored Contributor
Good Suggestions.

Some of those the reason I use Google Snapseed
Beta Moderator

Hello @picknassaro ,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. Your suggestion has been communicated to the developer and the development project manager is reviewing the content. After reviewing your suggestions, we will apply them to the official version if your proposal matches our concept. We appreciate your contribution to the beta program.

One UI Beta Team