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What's going on with the S pens?

(Topic created: 07-23-2022 09:32 PM)
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So, I have been hearing about people experiencing different issues with thier S pens lately. I now too am experiencing issues with my S pen for the first time since owning my Note20 Ultra. The pen doesn't seem to be aligned on screen with the tip of S pen anymore. The screen isn't registering the pen touching the screen at random times and it has just turned into an unreliable, horrible customer experience. I love this phone and it was working flawlessly. I can't think of anything I did to cause it and have been unable to fix this issue..any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance. My software info is attached in picture.

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Okay so after a week or so of this problem I should have realized this sooner. I was speaking to a friend of mine after posting this and he made me inadvertently realize the problem I am having. INCORRECTLY SHIELDED MAGNETS on a phone grip I installed last week I bought off amazon. I removed this device and everything works perfect again. Magnets USED to cause so many problems in the earlier days of cell phones and accessories until manufacturers realized they could affect numerous internal parts in modern cellphones. They then began to SHIELD the Magnets used in thier products (apple etc.) to make them usable and safe to use with your phone. Well, unfortunately some companies do NOT ensure that their products are safe for use on our devices and this is one of those instances. I hope someone reads this and is cautious of this when making purchases on Amazon etc. I have attached photos of the aforementioned product below.20220724_000235_6050_1658635895.jpg20220724_000142_6049_1658636528.jpg
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There are 3 problems I've ever had with all the Note series s-pens I've had, starting with the Note 3 and currently at the Note 20. All the issues were my fault:
1. S-pen nub became so short, it made it impossible to use.
Solution: Bought replacement tips
2. S-pen was writing without making contact with the screen. Concluded that moisture got into the pen. Solution: Remove tip and use hair dryer on high for a several seconds up to a minute to dry.
3. S-pen skipping and not working in center of screen. Concluded that mag-safe magnet (used to holder pop-socker holder) was causing disturbance. Solution: Luckily, I used a plain metal ring on my phone case, and placed the mag-safe (magnet) ring on top, so it's removable (convenient for mag-safe charging or other mag-safe accessories). Therefore, I leave the magnet on, but when I want to draw or write, I slip the magnet off.
Note: I also occasionally need to remove the magnet at certain store's card readers when using Samsung Wallet, since some machines can't read the information with the magnet attached.