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Gallery Where is the Manual how do folders work ?

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How are folders and albums related.  How do I keep my dcmi Camera folder empty so I can quickly copy pictures from my phone ? 

Where does Gallery look for photos on my phone. ?  Why does Gallery Add pictures to my dcmi\camera folder ?  where does it obtain this pictures ?  

I have to understand how Gallery works with folders.  Is it in the manual that came with my phone in a BOOK ?  I do not seam to find it.  I can not find it on the web.  Its so mysterious.  I  used to rename my camera folder and then create a new camera folder so the camera folder would be empty because when I plug my phone it i must WAIT and WAIT and WAIT and wait some more for the ONE picture I NEED.    ?   

I need to understand how to keep my sd card DCMI\CAMERA folder empty yet still be able to show all the photos is this possible ?



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The DCIM ("Digital Camera Images") folder is the default folder where all photos are stored in your phone's internal storage. You can access it either through "My Files," as shown in the steps in the image I've attached.

You may also view your photos through your Gallery, which makes it easy to adjust the size of the icons, search by date, or even click on the magnifying glass to search for specific people, things, scenery, foods, etc.

You can create subfolders in the DCIM folder to find photos easier. These subfolders will appear as Albums in your Gallery. Synonymously, if you create a new Album in your Gallery, it will appear as a subfolder in your DCIM folder.

In addition, third-party photo or video applications you download may also automatically create their own folder within the DCIM folder as well.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.Zombodroid_03092023010448_1000012868_1693717934.jpg