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Family Hub Panel Has Dash "-" Next to Time

(Topic created: 06-19-2022 06:27 AM)
Kitchen and Family Hub


On the main screen on the family hub on the fridge, it has a nice background picture and shows the date and time. It looks nice.

Unfortunately there is a dash to the right of the time. Instead of this:

8:44 PM

We have this:

8:44 PM -

... which makes it look silly.

Why is the dash there and how do we remove it?




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Community Manager
Community Manager
Kitchen and Family Hub

Hi there! Thanks so much for reaching out about this. I am not aware of a way to remove the dash after the time on the Family Hub panel. However, I am providing a link below that will take you to a list of user manuals for our Family Hub models. If you click on your model number, it will take you to a web manual with detailed information on how to use the Family Hub panel and change the settings.