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65 inch KS8500 4K SUHD TV Apps Stopped Working

(Topic created: 02-19-2022 01:09 PM)
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I have a KS8500 65 inch Curved SUHD 4K TV that I bought from Best Buy in June of 2016. In January of 2022 the Apps stopped working. I have several streaming Apps, Disney+, Prime, HBOMax, NetFlix, Plex, and a few others. The Apps will load and show current menus and content, but when I try and access any of the content I get a message that says it either can't be loaded or is unavailable. Cold Booting the TV does not help. Deleting the Apps and reinstalling does not help. An update for the TV Software has not been available for several years. The software version is T-JZMAKUC-1250.2, BT-S. A Factory reset works, but only for a few weeks. I have Factory reset it 3 times now. I factory reset the One Connect box and now my Blu-ray player connected to it has Picture but No sound. 

I opened a support case with the Samsung Care team and they were surprisingly un-helpful.  They had no solutions and no suggestions other than removing power from the TV. They told me to download new Apps from the providers websites. I doubt that is an option.

I paid $3000 USD for this TV and its the 2nd most expensive device in my house next to my Forced Air furnace.  I find it hard to believe that Samsung has abandoned all support for this TV. I can still get suggestions and solutions for my 20 year old washing machine, Dryer, Stove, Furnace, Water Heater. Heck I can call Mattress Firm and get help with my Mattress.  I can't believe I am the only person on Earth with this problem. 

There are lots of references to Samsung Apps not working on Google, but so far none have worked for me. Does anyone know what could be my Problem?


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Hello, yes, I have tried the steps listed in your web article. They have not solved the problem. These are my results:

1. Cold Boot TV - Sometimes, this works, but most often, it does not. Even when it works, the effects only last a few weeks. When Cold Booting does not work, I have found that removing power from the TV for several hours gets the Apps back to normal. That also is only a temporary solution. After a few weeks the problem come back.

2. Update the TV software. It's not possible because Samsung has not provided updates in more than a year.

3. Delete and re-install Apps. This does not work, and it's highly frustrating because I have to re-enter my credentials on all of the Apps.

4. Reset the Smart Hub. This works as a temporary solution, but is also frustrating because all settings are lost as well as all apps.

What works best once the Apps stop working is removing the power. Unfortunately it is a temporary solution.

We just had this problem on Monday and I moved the Power cord from a power strip to the wall outlet. There is only a single outlet so the TV still has to go through a splitter.

That was an earlier recommendation. Let's see if that works.