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Preventing CEC turning on AVR Receiver when powering TV on

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I just got a S90C QD-OLED TV. I have my Sony STR-AN1000 connected to the eARC HDMI input. I would like to have the TV default to "TV Speakers" for audio when I turn on the TV. Instead it powers on my AVR and switches the audio to it. I don't need/want the surround sound when watching normal programming. 

I tried turning CEC off on the TV but that also defeats eARC and then even if I manually turn on my AVR I can't switch the audio to it when watching a movie.  I turned off Control Via HDMI on the AVR but that didn't work either. 

Is there a way to disable CEC on the TV without also disabling the eARC funtion as well. The eARC seems to still be in the Auto Mode when CEC is disabled but it is grayed out. The option to switch the audio to the AVR disappears in the settings bar when CEC is disabled.

Any thoughts ??

Thanks in advance


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1. **Disable CEC:**
- On your  S90C QD-OLED, go to the Settings menu.
- Navigate to "General" or "System Manager."
- Look for "External Device Manager" or a similar option.
- Find and select "Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)."
- Turn off Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC).

2. **Check eARC Settings:**
- While in the TV settings, ensure that eARC is enabled.
- Navigate to "Sound" or "Audio" settings.
- Look for an option related to eARC and make sure it's turned on.

3. **Separate HDMI Ports:**
- Explore settings related to individual HDMI ports.
- Navigate to "External Device Manager" or a similar section.
- Check if there are separate options for eARC and CEC settings for each HDMI port.
- If so, enable eARC and disable CEC for the HDMI port connected to your AVR.

4. **Advanced CEC Settings:**
- Within the Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) menu, look for advanced settings.
- You may find specific CEC features that can be toggled on or off without disabling the entire CEC system.

5. **Firmware Update:**
- Ensure that your  TV's firmware is up to date.
- Check for firmware updates in the TV settings or visit the Samsung support website to download and install the latest firmware.

If you encounter any challenges or if the options mentioned are not available, refer to your TV's user manual or contact Samsung customer support for model-specific guidance.

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I gave up on finding a way to turn off CEC without turning off eARC on the S90C. Doesn't exist the best that I can see.

Finally approached it from the AVR/receiver side. Turned off Control over HDMI, Standby attached to TV off, and HDMI video bypass off while in standby mode, and I also unchecked HDMI 3 (eARC port) as an enhanced port on the S90C.

This worked to stop the AVR from coming on and I could switch from the TV Speakers to the AVR for audio. But couldn't control AVR volume with the TV remote.

Turned Control over HDMI back on in the AVR and so far is working as I wanted it to.

Only thing is I have to turn off the AVR with its remote when done using it. 



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What you mean
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Since there have been no additional comments or help posted I will post my final observations/solution. 

1/ there is nothing on the S90C side that makes this work the way I want it to. That is that when powering on the TV it sends audio to the onboard tv speakers as default.

2/ Only solution is on the Sony AVR STR-AN1000 side.

    a/ leave HDMI Control ON (CEC)

    b/ Stand by linked to TV - ON

    c/ HDMI bypass ON

Based on my research the key to this process is that the Sony AVR remembers the last known/used audio source. Therefore, when you use eARC to have audio directed from the S90C to the AVR it knows to look for it again when the TV is powered on. Hence when you turn on the TV the AVR sees that eARC is there again and powers itself on.

Work around: When you are done viewing content that you have had the audio sent via eARC to the AVR go into the TV settings first and switch the Sound source from the AVR back to TV Speakers. The AVR then shows on the display "Muting", saying it is no longer receiving an audio signal via eARC. Power off the AVR at this point. This tells the AVR the last time it was on it was not receiving any source of audio input (remember it went to Muting when you used the TV to return audio to the onboard TV speakers.)

Since the AVR is no longer looking for a last used audio source when you power on the TV the next time, and subsequent times, it stays off/stand by mode.  This allows you to watch regular TV programming with the audio thru the TV speakers. When you next want to direct audio to the AVR go into the the TV menu and switch the sound output to the AVR. The AVR then powers on automatically and uses the eARC signal from the TV. Then use the above work around when done. 

NOTE: if you always want sound directed via eARC to the AVR you need to do nothing. When you turn off the TV the AVR goes off/into stand by mode. When you turn the TV back on the AVR powers on and the TV switches automatically the eARC signal to the AVR. 

Hope this helps!!!