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Art store subscription for more than 1 Frame tv

(Topic created: 09-23-2021 01:26 PM)
Qled and Frame

It is our 2nd Frame TV purchase and of course the question comes up: will be the content of our art-store subscription be available for the 2nd Frame TV as well?

With that question I went to have a support chat and to my surprise I was told a subscription is only valid for 1 TV only.

This seem counter intuitive, we also own a Netgear Mural. The art subscription there is valid for up to 2 Meurals in your household. Generally when purchasing software for a PC (and I have done that a lot), they are normally valid for up to 2 devices (e.g.: a Desktop and a laptop).

Samsung: to be competitive and to give fair support to all multi Frame owners, please make the subscription available for e.g. (up to) 2 TV's. Thats what we would really call: service!


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Qled and Frame

Pretty disappointing that it doesn't cover at least 2 TVs in the same household.  We were thinking of getting a second Frame TV but won't be doing that now!