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How do you view auto recorded workouts in Samsung health?

(Topic created: 11-26-2022 07:08 AM)
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I have auto detect workouts turned on, but I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong as I can never find any workout data for what I do(walking). It counts the steps, the km's and what not, but unless I go into Samsung health and hit walking under the exercise menu, I can never view more information such as map data, splits, etc. And it does not show up under "view history" for the exercise menu either. 

Am I using Samsung health wrong or something? Because even "map workouts" is toggled under auto detect workouts, but the only data I get is basic pedometer like data unless I manually start a walk under exercise. 

Thank you. 

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@userIU7JP9PrWd That is correct. Those details are not available in auto detect workouts. 

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Thank you for sharing your inquiry with the community. I'm sure using the Samsung Health app can be difficult at times. I'm happy to provide more details about the feature. You can track various aspects of daily life contributing to your well-being such as physical activity, diet, and sleep. However, some of these features have to be manually added or work best when paired up with a Galaxy Watch. While the phone can detect steps, distance, and total calories burnt. 
Please note: Leaving your phone in your wallet, bag, or pocket may hamper your progress, as your phone cannot accurately measure steps when you are not carrying it. For a more precise step count your phone should always be with you to sense any form of activity.
If you are trying to use the Map data, It may benefit you to use a Galaxy Watch. If you would like to check out a small helpful guide for monitoring your exercise while using your Samsung Health app. Try taking a look at the link below. It has a couple of tips for checking your exercise progress. We appreciate your valuable posts and helpful topics here in the Samsung Community and hope we can continue to hear from you.