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QN65Q8DTA Not Recognizing HDMI Input With Actiontec HDMI Splitter & Wifi Transmitter with Cable Box

(Topic created on: 4/3/21 8:30 AM)
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I have an ActionTec HDMI Transmitter connected in series between my new Samsung TV and SuddenLink Cable box in order to send the same cable feed to the garage and patio via the ActionTec wifi signal (which works great BTW).

When the ActionTec is inserted between the cable box and TV everthing works fine, however after turning off the TV, it almost always is unable to recognize an input device to that HDMI port. I've replaced all the HDMI cables with new ones, tried different ports, and played with different input settings, but it continues to be a frustration to keep unplugging and replugging the HDMI.

The only option I haven't tried is setting up the HDMI input port on the TV as something other than a cable box and perhaps that will fool the TV into working.

Any other thoughts or ideas?

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