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They heard you, Samsung has brought back the ability to hide your Navigation Bar and Swipe Gestures.   You will have to download Goodlock and... View Post


Thank you for this post, the newest update has really messed with me causing me to miss hit alot of ... View Post

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NEW S24 with major bug. No Samsung Keyboard icon on navigation bar and more importantly no voice input icon.   I've tried everything.   -enabled... View Post


yes but you have to press that every time you do a message.... where is the visible little microphon... View Post

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The Galaxy S24 series has arrived, sporting a familiar yet subtly tweaked design now with its almost flat display. Samsung has opted for refinement... View Post


Thank you for your reply. I also noticed the bottom speaker not that good, but I have a case on mine... View Post

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Samsung might be finally making an wider outer screen , YAY.  I want the top 3 cameras that will be in the S24 U, then it will be perfect! View Post


I'm referring to bugs like battery drain and camera issues like the post in the link mentions. I'm h... View Post

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 The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the latest foldable smartphone from Samsung. It was announced today July 26, 2023, and is scheduled to be released in... View Post


I'm planning to purchase Z Flip 3 in 2024 as secondary mobile because within 45K INR budget only two... View Post

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the latest foldable phone from Samsung, and it's set to be released on August 11, 2023. The phone is rumored to... View Post


I believe that the updates for the Z Fold 5, that give us AI features are absolutely amazing. I know... View Post

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Suddenly the camera does not focus when using the x10. In all the others it focuses without problem. No matter the distance or light, it simply does... View Post