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Posted by      in  Galaxy Watch

Google has released their update to Google Maps which allows for stand alone operation on LTE watches.  While I haven't actually used it for... View Post

Community Manager    

Thank you for the update @bill-e. We greatly appreciate you updates and input. We look forward to ma... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy Buds

Hi. I would like to connect two pairs of buds to 1 tv but my Samsung TV only allows me to connect 1 pair at a time.I think that I need a transmitter.... View Post


If that fails to work I think that it's reasonable to assume you can trick the TV by using one pair ... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy Buds

I'm thinking about buying new wireless earbuds and are leaning towards the galaxy buds 2 pro but they are kind of expensive and I've gotten... View Post


If you have a Samsung phone, then you want the Buds 2 Pro. Everyone else has already provided you th... View Post