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Welcome to the Groups section!  Here you will find our Creator Board & Gamer boards These are more personalized ways you can connect and... View Post

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Welcome all creators near and far! This platform is for you to share your Galaxy-created art, learn tips and tricks from other users, and share your... View Post


All of my content on my social media is all created #withGalaxy and any Galaxy phone that I currentl... View Post

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I am very New to this side of the computer world period. If I've commented or liked anyone's posts, please do not oversink it and waste time... View Post


Ok View Post

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How can a tv this expensive be this awful? It should be simple to mirror from an iPhone. Instead it’s some sort of impossible torture test. The remote... View Post


I have never gotten any phone to mirror, any my laptop for a short period of time one View Post

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So I accidently clicked on Monopoly Go when trying to play a game and I can't get rid of it. I don't have an account so I can't delete it.... View Post


You don't actually have the game, it's like a YouTube video where if you click on it it just streams... View Post

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Don't waste your time playing any of the games offered by samsung especially the 8 ball games. They are highly monitored by moderators who cheat... View Post

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Hi billybatey, Welcome to the Community. We understand how frustrating games can be. Samsung actuall... View Post

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Proximity mode is good for all the gamers out there who don't want distractions simply go to the galaxy store and get the Proximity mode app to... View Post