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Gallery video playback feature missing Galaxy Note 10+

(Topic created: 02-04-2024 03:39 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones
I updated Gallery to vers. on my Note 10 plus 5g (SM-N976U v12) & noticed a video playback features gone or perhaps it's moved but I've looked can't find it anywhere. If it's moved, I'd love to know where. If not could ya put it back pretty pls?
Before when in video playback mode u could select the video action once it reaches end of playback to do several things like: loop or repeat the same vid, play the next avail vid, do nothing & stop playback of the current vid u just played & I think others. I had mine settl repeat or loop the same vid once it reaches the end of playback.
Now that this opt is gone it req many redundent steps that used to be performed automatically & quite conveniently prior to this update & desperately wish this opt is put back like it was if possible in a future update or pls consider doing this. Thank u
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