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How to stop phone from waking when headphone controls are used?

(Topic created: 02-04-2024 08:59 AM)
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*Realized after posting this might be more appropriate in an Android forum, apologies


I am relatively new to Android. This is not a major issue, but just something I noticed coming from iOS that seemed a bit annoying.

I'm open to how this behavior could be useful, but I was under the impression that hardware media controls existed to avoid having to pull a phone out of pocket to perform these common actions — as it is, my phone would be turning itself on in my pocket dozens of times a day.

"Headphone controls" include pause, fast forward / rewind

Not seeing anything online, my current assumption is that this is common android behavior I'm complaining about.

If this isn't expected, all the relevant info I can think of is below.


  • Google
  • Other podcast apps
  • Settings for lock screen, podcast app

*Do not have other USB-C devices to test with


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Red Giant
Galaxy S Phones
Yes, the function of controls on headphones/rar buds is so you don't have to physically handle your phone. The controls still control what they are supposed to. When you use those controls, your screen my come on in your pocket, but you don't have to take it out. The screen will go off quickly depending on your timeout settings, and you needn't be bothered about it. It could be snnoying if you have phone set to vibrate on wake, so turn that off, althogh I don't think that kicks in unless you had missed calls or missed messages.