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Samsung (Not?) Honoring warranty Coverage

(Topic created on: 2/19/21 3:44 PM)
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I have Galaxy S10 that just went totally dead while I was reading the news (no drop or anything), and a local UBreakiFix shop told me the motherboard went bad and they cannot repair it.  The warranty on the phone expired May 22, 2020.  According to the Samsung website "We want to ease your mind during this uncertain timeline of social distancing. If your manufacturer warranty expires between April 1 and June 30, 2020, rest assured we will honor it."  What does this mean?  I initiated a mail-in repair service but Samsung wants to charge me for the repair...am I covered by Samsung or not?  If not, what does the above statement even mean?  If so, how do I make sure I am not charged?


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I think it supposed to mean that if you missed your warranty window by a few weeks due to the pandemic, they would still honor it (since if I recall, they weren't sending technicians out for their health/safety). I don't think they meant it to be for claims 8 months later. However, if they still have it posted like that I would save the link and take a screenshot (showing the current date in case they take it down) and try to escalate it.