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Galaxy s10 phone reset on its own - wiped out ALL DATA - unforgivable

A few days ago I took my phone out of my pocket at midday. No more power - very strange. I charged it. In only an hour, it was completely recharged - also strange. I turned on the phone and it started asking me questions about my identity and phone preferences. Later on, I realized that my phone had reset.  Completely on its own !  


Result: I lost all data on my phone. Including pictures of my family and toddler since his birth. "Luckily", I bought the phone a year ago and the old phone still has my previous images. So, I lost nine months of all of my images and videos (and instant messages and chats and apps and app data and contacts and phone numnbers ...). But the loss of images of my family were the most devastating by far. 


When the loss hit me, I was dumbstruck, scared, despondent, and angry. 


I see there is a long thread on s9 phones resetting without notice and on their own, destroying data of countless users. But I did not see a thread on the same topic for s10. I wanted to write here to let people know they are not alone if it has happened to them too. Has it happened to you?


Samsung lost a good customer in me. 


Re: Galaxy s10 phone reset on its own - wiped out ALL DATA - unforgivable

phones can be broken, lost or the data on them can become erased or damaged, pictures are important to me also so I back mine up. I use Google one for an automatic backup and I'll occasionally connect my phone to my computer and manually backup any pictures or files I want to keep safe. sorry you lost your pictures and hopefully this helps protect them from now on.