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Can't get 5G

(Topic created on: 4/3/21 7:25 AM)
Galaxy S20

Hello -

I purchased an unlocked Samsung S20 Plus 5G (August 2020) directly from Samsung.  I have noticed lately that my phone is not picking up 5G signal on my AT&T service.  Other people, including my wife with an iPhone 12 (also unlocked, AT&T) is picking it up in my area just fine.  My phone just displays LTE+ where my wife's phone and others display 5G.

I have tried everything mentioned in the forums, and have called AT&T and have installed a new SIM card which didn't correct the problem.

I am suspecting there is some issue with the unlocked version of the S20+ 5G and AT&T 5G.

Please advise (as I mentioned, I have called Samsung and AT&T support and nothing they have suggested corrects the problem.)


Thank you.

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