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Hide/Unhide Option Has Moved (NOT talking about the new "Select albums to show" option)

(Topic created: 12-22-2022 10:05 AM)
Galaxy S20

This is not for the new "Select albums to show" feature.  This is for the Hide/Unhide feature that we've had for a while.

TL:DR - "Hide Album" feature has been moved/buried in latest update.  Go to the Albums tab > Click on "View all" button under the search icon > Click on the more settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of screen > Click on "Hide Albums" > Actually hidden folders will appear here.


I spent three hours this morning searching for a way to view my hidden albums within the Gallery app.  They appear in my Files app, but with this latest update they were not in Gallery and the new "Select albums to show" option and the new "View all" button didn't reveal them.  Hopefully this helps someone else.

On my S20 FE it looks like they added a few steps to get to the actual hide option.  It appears that Albums is now just a view and not an actual folder inside the phone.  The storage folder is now "My Albums". 

In Gallery app, in the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen, if I click on the more settings icon next to the search icon at the top, I see the option for "Select albums to show".  If I click on that it falsely gives me the sense that I'm hiding/unhiding albums.  In reality, I've actually just went from the "Albums" view into the "My Albums" storage folder.  Checking and unchecking in the "Show" screen simply removed what albums I want to see in the Albums tab.  

To actually hide/unhide, I have to go to the Albums tab, click on the "View all" button to go into the "My Albums" folder.  In there I click on the more options icon and the "Hide albums" option has been moved there.  When I click on it, I see my 4 folders that I previously hid that weren't showing up in the "View all" screen earlier this morning.  

Seems that Samsung developers added another layer to the albums/gallery and have completely confused the process of hiding/unhiding.  At least give folks a heads up so we don't think our hidden folders are truly gone when we click on the "View all" button.  


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