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S20 5G no alarm sound

I JUST got this phone yesterday switching from the 1+. I keep my phone on vibrate almost 100% exclusively, and have pretty much my whole life, but especially at night so that neither me or my partner are disturbed while we sleep. However I absolutely rely on my alarms to get me up in the mornings for work and I'm used to my alarms playing sound even when the phone is set to vibrate or silent which this phone seems to just not with the stock clock app as it did with all of my previous Android phones. I have tried turning off the vibrate on alarm and only leaving the sound option ticked but it still only vibrates(im very lucky I woke up this morning). I have also checked all the super limited settings and permissions which all are allowed but it still doesn't seem to want to work. I do think I've found a seperate app that works the way I need it to but I've had poor experiences with these outside alarm apps in the past and I'd like to use the stock app if possible. Has there been any fix for this?