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S21/S21Plus/S21Ultra Shipping Tracking Thread (STT)!

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Hi everyone,


Have you preordered a new phone? Share with us! It helps to keep track together, to get an idea on when they ship, what models are being delivered sooner and in general, help each other deal with the long wait for a new phone!


Which model, storage size, color did you order? 

Carrier variant or unlocked?

Are you trading in your current device?

What did you order with your pre-order bonus? 


And finally, what do you like the most about these new phone? What made you want to order it right away? Or are you still thinking about it? Do you have any concerns?


I was thinking about it for few days, but finally placed an order today!


S21 Ultra (The camera, screen and battery life are the most exciting features to me)

128GB (I know, never enough, but I looked at my current usage and since pictures and videos are backed up to Google Photos, it should actually be plenty. 256GB for only $50 more was tempting, but it wasn't available in the color I want and the other color ships 3 weeks later too!)

Phantom Silver (Just like silver or white phones)

AT&T (Usually get my carrier model to take advantage of advanced network features)

Trading in Note 20 Ultra (Yes, it's a tough call since the Note is an amazing device, but their pre-order offers are too good! Couldn't resist)

Used my Pre-Order Bonus to get a Galaxy Watch Active2, a Leather case and a Rugged case. The new Buds Pro were tempting, but I already have 4 pairs of Samsung earbuds (Buds, Buds+, Live, IconX) so I figured a new smartwatch will be more useful! 

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Delays can happen for various reasons, including weather conditions, etc. If you have your tracking number you can speak with the delivery company in your area, however, for all shipping/delivery issues you will need to speak with our eCommerce team directly. You can reach them at 1-855-726-8721.

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