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Conditions for locking and turning off display with AOD active

I have a technical question:

What are the conditions and which sensors are used when the watch decides to lock (security lock) and turn off display altough the AOD is active?

It conserns a Galaxy Watch with latest firmware and paired with a Sony Z3c mobile also with the latest wearable app/plugins.


Background: AOD is On. I use a PIN code that I unlock after putting the watch on my wrist. Goodnight mode and DND are OFF (no schedule). 

The watch mostly works as it should and only locks and turns the display off only when I take the watch off my wrist.


Now and then, it seems related to low activity (from my part) like sitting still working or watching TV it turns off the display. The display can be activated again by the wake up gesture. Sometimes the security lock requires the PIN code.


The wrist band is "medium" tight, meaning the watch doesn't move around by itself.

Is there anything I can switch off, or on to make it not lock and go dark while I wear it?  


Re: Conditions for locking and turning off display with AOD active

I can add that I have now also tested a WiFi model (also Galaxy Watch). It behaves the same so I don't think it's due to a HW/sensor problem (on these two individuals). The Always On Display goes black after inactivity also without having a PIN security lock active. AOD remains switched ON in the settings.

Is anybody else experiencing this behaviour?